Go Bronze the Natural Way with New JWOWW Natural Bronzer

Natural skin care isn’t just a trend. More and more women are looking for natural alternatives to traditional skin care products. For ladies with sensitive skin, natural skin care products are often ideal because they are less likely to contain irritants than products that include synthetics in their formulas. Women who are part of the green revolution are also searching for natural skin care solutions to use as part of their commitments to reducing the amount of chemicals that they use on a daily basis. JWOWW NATURAL BLACK BRONZER - 13.5 oz.

If you’ve been trying to find a natural alternative to ordinary bronzers, JWOWW, the star of “The Jersey Shore” has the solution for you! The JWOWW Natural Bronzer uses natural ingredients to encourage dark coloration, improve skin health and even prevent tattoos from fading. The formula was developed and tested by JWOWW herself to help women get a gorgeous tan just like the one for which she’s famous.

Although JWOWW Natural Bronzer contains natural ingredients, it is still a very powerful dark bronzer that includes both instant and long-acting pigment enhancers and color promoters. To keep tattoos looking vibrant, the formula contains the Ink-Drink complex, which uses emollients like shea butter to keep tattooed skin hydrated and antioxidant-rich extracts like raspberry oil and raw antioxidants like vitamin A and E to prevent free radical damage.

JWOWW Natural Bronzer is also packed with natural ingredients that keep the skin healthy no matter how frequently you tan to maintain your results. Exotic kendi oil is added to hydrate the skin, and the bronzer has a yogurt base for even more hydration. Pear and black currant oils in the formula condition the tissue to leave you feeling soft and silky. The formula has a wonderful tropical fragrance and contains odor-fighting extracts to keep you feeling fresh.

Whether you have sensitive skin or just feel better using products that are derived from nature, JWOWW Natural Bronzer can help you get a gorgeous tan and stick to your natural skin care philosophy. You can check out the formula for yourself right here at TanForLess.

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