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Sun Lab’s Handy Tan portable sunless sprayer

Sun Laboratories Handy Tan Portable Sunless Sprayer
Sun Laboratories Handy Tan Portable Sunless Sprayer

No electricity needed with the portable Handy Tan sunless sprayer! Just aim, spray and shoot with the end result being nearly the same as the large air brush spray machines used by the professionals at a fraction of the cost.
The Handy Tan comes with a compressed air canister and refillable bottle that holds the liquid sunless solution. We have the Sun Lab’s Ultra Dark 16 oz. sunless spray solution and replacement air canisters available for purchase. The air canisters will last for 2 1/2 full body sprays.

Here is a demonstration video that you will find helpful in learning how to use the Handy Tan sprayer.

Sorry, this product is no longer available at TanForLess.com