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Devoted Creations WHITE 2 BLACK TINGLE Hot Tanning Lotion – 8.5 oz.

Devoted Creations WHITE 2 BLACK TINGLE Hot Tanning Lotion - 8.5 oz.

Devoted Creations WHITE 2 BLACK TINGLE

Ultra Fast, Darkening Tingle Lotion with Black Tea & Cranberry

Formulated with more body heat tinglers and color boosters allowing your tan to go 3 shades darker! Higher amounts of Black Tea and Cranberry extracts will keep your skin at ample hydration levels allowing your tan to last days longer.

  • Intense tingle that allows the skin to go 3 shades darker
  • Cranberry Seed Oil for added hydration
  • Rich in Anti-oxidants
  • Skin softeners
  • Anti-aging and firming
  • Rain Kissed Leaves Fragrance
  • Bronzer-free tingle formula designed to achieve extremely dark results.
  • Cranberry Seed Oil – Keeps skin at ample hydration levels.
  • ALA Technology™ – Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Black Tea – Antioxidant that helps to shrink pore size.
  • Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.

Supre PRETTY PINK & BLUSHING Tingle Bronzer – 8.5 oz.

Supre PRETTY PINK & BLUSHING Tingle Bronzer - 8.5 oz.


This Tenderly Soft Tingle Bronzer will catch you off guard, with its heat while a tempting blend of Sweet Cherry Extract, Cinnamon and Vanilla over come your senses providing deep hydration for smoother, younger looking skin.

  • Dark bronzing blend combines DHA and powerful Natural Bronzers for deeper, darker color that continues to develop after UV exposure.
  • Skin Stimulators turn up the heat leaving a warm tingling sensation on the skin for an advanced tanning experience that delivers dark results.
  • A blend of Sweet Cherry Extract, Cinnamon and Vanilla, rich in Antioxidants and Skin Conditioners help hydrate and smooth imperfections for perfect results.
  • Pamper your skin as a hydrating blend of Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond Oil help lock in moisture leaving skin feeling soft to the touch.

How Does a Tingle Tanning Lotion Work?

There are all kinds of tanning lotions on the market. Perhaps you have used a few for yourself while out at the beach, inside at the tanning salon or just rubbed on to get the “tan” look. One very popular tanning lotion is the tingle tanning lotion.  What’s so great about tingle tanning lotion you ask?

What Are Tingle Tanning Lotions: How Does It Work?

The reason these lotions are called tingle tanning is that they give a tingling sensation on your skin after you apply the lotion; hence the name. It’s certainly more intense than other tanning lotions on the market. What the lotion does is bring blood to the skin surface and, essentially, oxygen to affect the skin’s melanin.  The more melanin that’s affected, the darker your skin is going to become.  Basically the purpose to tingle tanning lotions is to boost the effects of UV rays you expose yourself to when lying in tanning bed. ultimate-inferno-tingle-lotion

Yes, your skin is going to be red for approximately one hour after you tan. The redness is similar to a sunburn. However, the redness will fade and you’ll be fine.

What does it all mean? Basically, the lotion’s ingredients, Methyl Nicotinate or Benzyl, are designed to bring more oxygen into the skin by increasing the circulation of blood in your body as well as the increase the amount of oxygen on the surface of the skin. So, tingle tanning lotions are designed for persons who want deep tans or have difficulty getting a tan.

Pain vs. No Pain: In The End You Get Your Tan

Some folks give up on using tingle tanning lotions because of the sensation it gives. Some users have complained that the lotion is painful or uncomfortable. Other users have not made any complaints against this kind of lotion. It’s all depending on rough your skin is and how high your pain level tolerance is. Everybody is different, which means what you get from the experience could be different for your friends.

However, if you do endure whatever pain, if any, you will get the end result that the tingle tanning lotions are designed to do…give you a tan skin!

When You Need To Be Careful Using The Tingle Tanning Lotions

Tingle tanning lotions are easy to apply. However, there are a couple of things you need to understand about it.

Tanned woman– First, any person who has very sensitive skin may or may not be able to it.

– Second, if you’re going to be around children, it would be best not to use these kinds of products, as it can be potent to their skin.

The reason is that the ingredients of the tingle tanning lotions are similar to what you find in Bengay or any similar product. For that reason, you should never place it on your face or on the sensitive regions of your body.

When Should You Begin Using The Tingle Tanning Lotions?

If you’re interested in using the tingle tanning lotions, you might be wondering when the best time is to begin using them. Many specialists have claimed the best time is when your skin reaches a tanning plateau. So, if you notice your skin isn’t reacting to the tanning items you are using, it may be time to begin using the tingle tanning lotions. Of course, it’s always best to consult a dermatologist before you use it, if you’re not sure.


When you go shopping for tingle tanning lotions, read the labels. Some products will say high tingle; others will some low-tingle. If you’re new to the market, it’s best to use low-tingle products. As you get accustomed to the lotions, you can begin using high-tingle lotions. Whatever you decide to go with, always be careful when you apply it to your body… for all the reasons mentioned above!