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Russian Trivia! Has Ended!

Ladies and gentleman, it is time to put your thinking caps on! It is time for another Trivia Contest!  Time to test your knowledge (whether it is truly in your mind or if you are just a great internet surfer, we will never know).  However, this will an interesting trivia game.  The question is in two parts and you must answer both parts in order to become the winner!  Three coupons will be issued to the three winners on Friday, November 16, 2012 granted that we have three winners.  The Coupon for this week is a FREE SHIPPING coupon for your next order.  Excellent chance to prepare for those Christmas presents you have been waiting to buy!  Ready, Set, Think!!

Which European city is the current home and what are the names of  the largest bell (as in Ding, Dong kind of bell) ever cast as well as the largest caliber cannon ever made?

Please remember to name the city and the name of both items in the question.

Good Luck Everyone!!!











Congratulations to our 2 winners.  No other correct answers so we only have 2 winners this week.  Congrats once again, and good job!

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