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Maximist XL Gemstone Collection!

If you’re looking for a Professional Spray Tanning System, look no further. System includes:
Spray Gun /0.6mm needle – applies at 1.7 PSI 8 oz. self pressurizing ezygrip wide mouth solution cup w/markings Flexible pickup tube, allows 98% solution withdrawal
Self stand design
Turbine Cool running taper-fan motor 550 watt (120v, 3A) Onboard spray gun storage 13ft high temp low memory coil reinforced hose
Spare Parts Kit Solution nozzle seal x 1
Gland Seal x 1 Flexible pickup tube x 1 HVLP Spring x 1 Turbine Motor Filter x 1 8 fl. oz Self pressurizing solutions cups/lids/gaskets x 3

You won’t find another TrueHVLP system anywhere that has been completely designed just for the application of Airbrush Spray Tanning Solutions. Tampa Bay Tan has teamed up with Earlex, one of the largest manufactures of HVLP Spray Systems in the world to develop the MaxiMist TrueHVLP Spray Tan System. Everything about this unit is for one purpose , providing an absolute perfect full body Spray Tan every time in 3-5 minutes using the least amount of product.(normally 2oz or less) Salon use and a lightweight compact mobile system in one package.
The Turbine (Motor) Powerhouse: Turbine HVLP systems work off of high volumes of air, but you can have too much or too little. Many systems produce too little. The motors in many systems sold today are hobby units designed for “occasional” use. This really means they are intended to be used once every few weeks, some even every few months. Daily use will soon burn these types of spray tan systems out quickly. The Taperfan turbine in the MaxiMist XL is a proven performer in the Earlex Commercial HVLP line and provides superior reliability. It provides the PERFECT amount of airflow to give you the best results, not to much, nor to little. This turbine runs cooler than any other turbine motor we have ever tested in its class. All turbines sound like vacuum cleaners, that’s a fact, but this unit runs quieter than any we know of in its class. This is not a “screamer” unit, like many on the market. You can speak without yelling while the unit is running. Sounds a handheld blow dryer.
The Filter:
Another important element of a turbine system, and often most over looked is the filter that prevents material from entering the motor itself. Most systems either have no filter at all or make it almost impossible to clean or change. The MaxiMist XL motor filter is located in a very convenient place easy to notice, so you don’t forget it’s there. This makes remembering to clean it a snap! Its easy to get to and clean, and we even include a second spare filter with your extra parts package. The MaxiMist XL has another great feature installed on the Turbine Motor, on board air hose and spray gun storage. When not in use, you simply wrap the hose around the base unit in the attached hose clips for neat and tidy storage or mobility. The Turbine powerhouse weights in at less than 5lbs.