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Get your tan on with Million Dollar Tan Sunless Products!

Million Dollar Tan Sunless lotions and sprays

Just Arrived! Million Dollar Tan sunless lotions and sprays available in 10% and 12% DHA for all skin types. We also offer Airbrush spray solution for the commercial spray tan business’s in both 10% and 12% DHA with added bronzer.

To avoid sunless products from grabbing certain areas with too much sunless color, use Million Dollar Tan’s Blend Up barrier cream.

10 Common Self-Tanning Mistakes

Tanning like anything else has turned into a do it yourself routine where everyone believes that they can do it easily without anyone else’s help, and with this method of thinking there are bound to be problems. But here in this article I will tell you of the 10 most common tanning mistakes and how you can beat them, to get a wonderful tan without the hassle.

Tanning mistakes:

• Exfoliation of joints- A big and very common mistake of tanners is not to properly exfoliate there joints. To exfoliate means to open, so some people do not properly open there joints up for the lotion to work or the sun to get to it. This can result in darker areas as well as aching joints, to solve this problem you can either add some moisturizer to the lotion to lessen its impact or shave your legs (shaving legs will eliminate the dead cells on top of your skin allowing the lotion to easily pass through).

• Streaking- These are uneven lines that come with your tan as well as areas that are darker than some, this can look very bad and very off setting. These occurs because the tanner ran off the body, the tanner was not evenly layered on and other reasons. The way to solve this problem is to take a damp towel, some gel, a cotton ball and slowly go over these areas and remove the excess color and tone until you get it how you like it.  Tan Girl

• Too much tanner applied- Every beginner will make this mistake where he or she adds way too much tanner that is needed. This is simple to fix all you need to do is get a damp towel or wash cloth and simply tap it on the area that has too much tanner, this will take up it and if you want to re add some you can but do it carefully.

• Dark blotchy areas- No matter how careful you are in adding your lotion most people seem to get a dark blotchy area. To fix this problem is quite unorthodox, you will need to get a lemon (a lime should work too) and rub it on the dark area, and the chemical components of the lemon will mix with those of the lotion or tanner and cause it to get gradually lighter.

• The addition of too little tanner, this is a simple problem that can be fixed by adding more tanner throughout the process but try to keep it equal.

• Dirty heels- This can be because by the tanner running down to the heels and making they look a brown color to fix this you can use a normal file and rub it off.

• A too thick tan oil or lotion- Sometimes people get a lotion that is too thick to their liking, to fix this just mix it with some moisturizer and it will be less thick and look better.

• Bad tan lines- People who tan often realize the disaster of a bad tan line, to help fix a bad tan line would be to use a damp or moist towel and wipe over the parts of the tan lines that you don’t want and this will get rid of them.

Tips on Applying Sunless Tanning Lotions

With the dangers of UV rays and direct sunlight strongly evident, people are now turning to a solution in a can or bottle to get that bronze tone that one can only get from sitting in the sun. Some of the solutions that one can turn to is tanning sprays, bronzers, pills, creams and, most commonly, sunless tanning lotions. There are a number of tips on applying sunless tanning lotions on oneself that one should follow for the best results.
The first thing that one must know is that there are tips for before, during and after applying the sunless tanning lotions. To begin with, before applying any tanning lotion:
  1. Avoid shaving or waxing for at least 24 hours before application. This is because the ingredients in the lotions are likely to irritate such raw skin.
  1. To get an even skin tone, you should take the time to exfoliate your skin at least 24 hours before putting on the lotion.
  1. Be sure to put time aside to apply the sunless tanning lotions. This is because it will be at least 3 hours before you can wear clothes or walk out to the street because it takes time to apply and also to dry properly.
  1. To be on the safe side, be sure to moisturize your skin especially areas like the elbows and knees before you apply the tan. You must ensure you use water-based moisturizer because the oil based option will prevent the skin from properly absorbing the lotion.
    Just Say Yes! Self-tanning lotion
    Just Say Yes! Self-tanning lotion
Once you are prepared, you can now proceed to apply the lotion. It is usually advised to use a roller sponge that can be found in any hardware store. This is perfect for spreading out the lotion evenly on the skin and it will also help you reach the back.
When applying the lotion, it is usually a good idea to wash your hands every once in a while applying. It is even better if you get surgical gloves which are easily available to keep your fingers from being stained. When applying on the skin, be sure to apply evenly to avoid any build up. You cannot apply this on the bikini area because it dries and looks like dirt. You should also know that freckles and moles tend to become darker after complete application while scars rarely darken and these are facts you must keep in mind when applying. Once you have fully applied the lotion and let it dry, you must apply moisturizer over the tan daily until it fades. If you want to keep the tan effect going, apply after every about 3 days.
After applying the sunless tan lotions, you should avoid wearing bright clothes that will visibly stain. You must also avoid sitting in the sun because, unless the option you applied contains sun block properties, you will not be safe from the UV rays. You will be able to easily enjoy that bronze tint you have been trying to go for all summer at a cost-effective level. Learning how to apply and being able to care for your skin after that are the most important factors to consider for the best sunless tan.

Choosing the Correct Tanning Lotion for You

People who are from the sunny tropical climates always have a well colored skin as a result of the natural tan that happens when they are not aware. However, people who are from regions that receive minimal or no sunshine in most parts of the year have problems getting that golden skin appearance. Fortunately, there are some products that can assist you in getting tanned without having to risk exposing your skin to the harmful sun rays. Keep reading for more information on choosing the correct tanning lotion for you.

Designer Skin tanning lotions

Self tanning lotion that has moisturizing component is among the lotions available. This lotion can replace your regular lotion since it is applied normally on your skin. For maximum results, you will be required to use it on regular basis. A natural looking tan is achieved after you apply the lotion. Manufacturers recommend that you use the lotion at least after you shower. The main tanning ingredient is the dihydroxyacetone abbreviated as DHA. This component has a strong chemical odor. However, this smell is suppressed when the chemical is used in the tanning lotion. This means that your skin will have a faint chemical smell that cannot count for that much. In case you stop using the lotion, the smell will disappear completely from your skin in duration of about a week. Tanning effect will disappear in 3-4 days.

Purchasing tanning products that act like daily moisturizing products is another good alternative. You are capable of achieving two things with the help of one bottle. These lotions have soy as one of their ingredients. Besides, they have a weak coloring agent that assists you in achieving smooth texture and a dark complexion. As you continue using this lotion, your skin will gets a dark color that is tantamount to the appearance of the tan. Other than the tanning effect, the lotions do assist in retention of moisture in your skin. The lotion is easily absorbed into the skin when rubbed in circular motion. An advantage with daily moisturizers is their colorlessness which ensures that there are no residues left on your clothing or beddings.

You can also opt to purchase a self tanner that has sunscreen. This lotion is popular in the market as it accomplishes two achievements at a go. These include bringing a tanning effect and acting as a sunscreen. Other advantages attributed to use of this lotion include giving a tan that appears natural, is easily applicable on the skin, allows the pores to remain open, have no greasy effect, have a good smell and is quickly absorbed into your skin. The sunscreen tan lotions are also fast effective. It only takes a short time for the result to be visible.

Lastly, self tanner lotion is another worth kind off sunless tanner. The tanner has modification that suppresses bad smell that emanates from component DHA. Other features of sunless tanners can be found in this lotion: fast absorption, non-greasiness, skin smoothening and fast response to the body.

When using these lotions, remember to exfoliate your skin before using to enhance them to perform better.