Get a Tan to Tweet About with Devoted Creations #Girl Code Airbrush Bronzer Lotion

How often have you emerged from the tanning bed looking so hot you just had to snap a selfie and tweet about it? If you’re not using the right bronzer, you may end your tanning session looking red, splotchy and hardly ready for your close-up, but it is possible to end up with a picture perfect tan fresh from the bed. You can discover the better way to tan and by checking out Devoted Creations #Girl Code Airbrush Bronzer Lotion, a brand new tanning lotion that’s bound to create a buzz. Devoted Creations GIRL CODE Airbrush Bronzer Lotion - 12.25 oz.

Devoted Creations #Girl Code Airbrush Bronzer Lotion is a powerful black bronzer that greatly accelerates darkening. You’ll notice results as soon as you finish your session, and then you’ll be amazed at how your color just continues to darken and darken and darken. The long-lasting coloration benefits of the lotion work their magic for up to 4 hours, leaving you so dark, you’re bound to be astonished.

To help you look flawless as soon as your tanning session ends, Devoted Creations #Girl Code Airbrush Bronzer Lotion contains ingredients that mimic the effects of airbrush makeup. The formula contains a built-in BB creme, which has the ability to perfect uneven skin tone and minimize imperfections. In addition, it refines the pores, moisturizes the skin and provides anti-aging benefits. The actions of the BB creme complex are perfectly complemented by RevitaFit, Matrixyl Synthe 6 and Body Fit, three proprietary anti-aging ingredients that tighten, firm and tone the skin to reduce the prominence of wrinkles, sagging tissue and cellulite.

You’re sure to love Devoted Creations #Girl Code Airbrush Bronzer Lotion from the very first use, and wait until you check out its sensual Midnight Woods fragrance! Order a bottle of this new bronzing lotion today and get ready for your post tan selfie tomorrow!

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