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JWOWW Men’s Edition One & Done Bronzer New 2014!

When JWOWW comes out with a new tanning product, those who know tanning pay attention. That’s because the “Jersey Shore” star’s line of tanning products is truly one of the finest in the world. Her One & Done Bronzer is one of the best sellers at tanning salons across the country, and now JWOWW has reformulated her signature product to meet the special skin care needs of guys!

The JWOWW Men’s Edition One & Done Bronzer is a for-men-only dark bronzer that


offers the same dramatic results as the original One & Done Bronzer but in a formula that is optimized to work with male body chemistry. The One and Done Bronzers include Melanin Activating Peptides that feed the cells that produce pigment to help your skin generate more melanin while you tan. Plus, the formula contains a proprietary black walnut extract that deepens tanning results for incredible effects.

Just like the original One & Done Bronzer, the JWOWW Men’s Edition One & Done Bronzer is enriched with Jenni’s Signature Skin Care Blend, a complex that uses yogurt to moisturize and pear and black currant oils to provide antioxidant protection. Additional moisturizers like shea butter and a luxury oil blend are included in the product to fight signs of dryness. Plus, the formula has a very masculine Dark Spice fragrance and ATO inhibitors to combat body odor.

If you’re a guy who loves to tan, don’t miss your chance to try JWOWW Men’s Edition One & Done Bronzer. You can purchase a bottle for less than you’d pay at your local tanning salon by buying from us here at TanForLess.com!

Jersey Shore…

In honor of the last season of Jersey Shore, Tanforless would like you to check out the whole line of Jersey Shore cast members products.  Three of the most popular cast members, Snooki, JWoww, and Pauly D have all become integrated with the tanning industry and have all had tanning products manufactured to represent them.

Supre has produced the Snooki line of tanning products.  Tanforless offers all three of her products:

As for JWoww, Australian Gold launched her line of tanning products a couple of years ago. These products sell extremely well, and customers of Tanforless cannot seem to get enough of them!

And now it is time to rock it out with Pauly D!  Devoted Creations is behind this explosive line of tanning lotions.  These lotions seem to match the outgoing and somewhat naughty personality of Pauly D!

So Let’s Celebrate the Last Season of Jersey Shore!  Show some LOVE!!!

FREE Giveaway is for one(1) bottle of JWOWW 50x Black Bronzer Lotion! [ENDED FEB. 9TH]

This FREE Giveaway is for one(1) bottle of JWOWW 50x Black Bronzer Lotion! [ENDED FEB. 9TH]

  • Value of this giveaway is $37.99

Jwoww 50x black bronzer

The key to a perfect sexy tan lies in the balance of bronzers and moisturizers. The JWOWW 50x Black Bronzer is just that! Powerful instant and delayed bronzers give skin darker, richer, more radiant color. Paired with moisturizers that will hydrate and immerse skin in a blanket of velvety softness, it gives you a royal combination.

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