Indulge in a Gorgeously Dark Tan with New Brown Sugar Black Chocolate

If you truly want a sweet life, you need to indulge every now and then. While chocolate can be a great way to tempt your taste buds, its pleasures are all too fleeting. With Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Advanced 200X Black Bronzer, you can treat yourself to long-lasting, tanning results that rival the color of dark chocolate and are sweet to your skin just like a piece of candy. Brown Sugar BLACK CHOCOLATE 200X Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Advanced 200X Black Bronzer is unlike other bronzers on the market because of the way it is made. Most tanning lotions are mass-produced with hundreds of bottles made at a time. By contrast, Brown Sugar makes Black Chocolate in very small batches, allowing for a higher level of quality control. This makes the bronzer one of the finest available on the market and a truly decadent treat for the skin.

To encourage dark color, Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Advanced 200X Black Bronzer contains a unique blend of pigment stimulators that are capable of amplifying the effects of the UV energy in the tanning bed up to 200 times. The bronzer provides the nutrients needed to help melanin manufacturing occur as quickly as possible to encourage the darkest possible results with each session. Double dark chocolate extract is added to provide antioxidant protection to the skin cells in order to reduce the damaging effects of UV exposure. Max silicones help the formula lock moisture into the skin, leaving it lusciously soft and supple and correcting imperfections in the process.

Free of DHA and parabens, Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Advanced 200X Black Bronzer is now available for purchase here at TanForLess. You can get this remarkable new formula for an equally remarkable low price in our store.

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