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Airbrush Me! The benefits of a Personalized Airbrush Tan Session.

With growing popularity for sunless tanning, but people wanting the best tan possible personalized airbrushing as opposed to lotion and spray booths is on the rise. In addition to getting a great tan without the UV rays and their possible damage there are other benefits to getting an airbrushed, personalized tan.Maxi Mist Pro Series Sunless Sprayer

One of the main benefits is it strong decreased the risk of unevenness and streaks. When self tanner is applied by a professional with an airbrush the coverage is typically flawless since airbrushes apply product in such a fine mist that it is near impossible for streaking to occur.

Contouring is another benefit of airbrush tanning. When self tanner is applied with an airbrush the artist can maximize or even create muscle definition. Some people have gotten ab lines, calf muscle lines, arm muscle lines and more airbrushed into their tan. By working with lighter and darker shading airbrushing can make a person look more defined.

Then lastly, there’s the benefit of not exposing your skin to as many UV rays – which is always a great benefit!