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Tips on Applying Sunless Tanning Lotions

With the dangers of UV rays and direct sunlight strongly evident, people are now turning to a solution in a can or bottle to get that bronze tone that one can only get from sitting in the sun. Some of the solutions that one can turn to is tanning sprays, bronzers, pills, creams and, most commonly, sunless tanning lotions. There are a number of tips on applying sunless tanning lotions on oneself that one should follow for the best results.
The first thing that one must know is that there are tips for before, during and after applying the sunless tanning lotions. To begin with, before applying any tanning lotion:
  1. Avoid shaving or waxing for at least 24 hours before application. This is because the ingredients in the lotions are likely to irritate such raw skin.
  1. To get an even skin tone, you should take the time to exfoliate your skin at least 24 hours before putting on the lotion.
  1. Be sure to put time aside to apply the sunless tanning lotions. This is because it will be at least 3 hours before you can wear clothes or walk out to the street because it takes time to apply and also to dry properly.
  1. To be on the safe side, be sure to moisturize your skin especially areas like the elbows and knees before you apply the tan. You must ensure you use water-based moisturizer because the oil based option will prevent the skin from properly absorbing the lotion.
    Just Say Yes! Self-tanning lotion
    Just Say Yes! Self-tanning lotion
Once you are prepared, you can now proceed to apply the lotion. It is usually advised to use a roller sponge that can be found in any hardware store. This is perfect for spreading out the lotion evenly on the skin and it will also help you reach the back.
When applying the lotion, it is usually a good idea to wash your hands every once in a while applying. It is even better if you get surgical gloves which are easily available to keep your fingers from being stained. When applying on the skin, be sure to apply evenly to avoid any build up. You cannot apply this on the bikini area because it dries and looks like dirt. You should also know that freckles and moles tend to become darker after complete application while scars rarely darken and these are facts you must keep in mind when applying. Once you have fully applied the lotion and let it dry, you must apply moisturizer over the tan daily until it fades. If you want to keep the tan effect going, apply after every about 3 days.
After applying the sunless tan lotions, you should avoid wearing bright clothes that will visibly stain. You must also avoid sitting in the sun because, unless the option you applied contains sun block properties, you will not be safe from the UV rays. You will be able to easily enjoy that bronze tint you have been trying to go for all summer at a cost-effective level. Learning how to apply and being able to care for your skin after that are the most important factors to consider for the best sunless tan.