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Get Instant Tanification with New PlayBoy Leather & Lace

There’s a party tonight, and you’re dying to wear your new mini skirt, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks and you haven’t been able to get to the tanning salon. You can squeeze in a session today, but you worry that you won’t be able to get the dark color that you need to really rock that mini in time for the big event. If this story sounds all too familiar, Playboy has just released a lotion that is meant for you!Playboy LEATHER & LACE Black Bronzer - 10.1 oz.

PlayBoy Leather & Lace Outrageous Black Bronzer with Instant Color Beads is an advanced bronzer that is meant for all of those occasions when you just can’t wait for long-acting bronzers to work their magic. The Instant Color Beads in the formula deposit cosmetic pigments on your skin as soon as you apply the bronzer, giving you dark results that will last until you shower. As you tan, the three-phase bronzing complex assists with melanin production to get your natural tan as dark as possible, and then the long-acting ingredients go to work to refine the color and give you long-lasting results. It’s the perfect way to get a quick glow that will develop into a gorgeous dark tan with a long lifespan.

When you’re faced with a tanning emergency, you don’t want to compromise the health of your skin just to get dark color in a hurry. That’s why PlayBoy Leather & Lace Outrageous Black Bronzer with Instant Color Beads includes a moisturizing blend to nourish your skin. The moisturizing ingredients replace the natural oils that can evaporate from your skin when it’s exposed to ultraviolet, and they help to reestablish your skin’s moisture barrier to ward off dryness in the days following tanning. The bronzer has a lovely fragrance that brings together kiwi, honeydew, brandy currants and vanilla.

If you want to avoid tanning emergencies, check out PlayBoy Leather & Lace Outrageous Black Bronzer with Instant Color Beads and buy a bottle here at TanForLess. You’ll be glad to have this instant bronzer on hand when you need it, and you’ll love our low price!

Fight Signs of Aging and Go Dark with New Devoted Creations Black & Gold

The development of signs of aging can become a vicious cycle for many who frequently tan. When your skin is tanned it appears more youthful and signs of aging are often much less evident, but when you tan to get that golden color to detract from fine lines, you expose your skin to more ultraviolet, which can lead to an increase in lines. This increases your need to tan to hide them, and the cycle continues and continues….until now. Devoted Creations has recently introduced a new formula that combines a bronzing complex to encourage a dark black tan while treating the skin to the new gold standard in anti-aging ingredients. Devoted Creations BLACK & GOLD Instant Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

Devoted Creations Black & Gold Dramatic Instant Black Bronzer contains a very potent blend of immediate bronzers, natural bronzers and DHA, which work together to stimulate pigment production and adjust coloration before and after a tanning session. SunXtend is included in the product to help prolong the results of every session, so that you can tan less frequently without compromising the color. A Cashmere Blend is added to continuously provide moisture to the skin for 24 hours to keep dryness at bay and decrease the chances of premature fading.

With its complete profile of anti-aging ingredients, Devoted Creations Black & Gold Dramatic Instant Black Bronzer promotes more youthful looking skin with every use. The combination of anti-aging complexes includes Phytocelltec, Renovage and Cell LD, ingredients that help the skin tissue produce more collagen to tone the skin. Over time, this makes signs of aging less evident and helps the skin remain strong to resist wrinkling in the future. In addition, the formula contains an anti-cellulite complex to reduce the look of orange peel skin.

At TanForLess, we’re pleased to now have Devoted Creations Black & Gold Dramatic Instant Black Bronzer, and we have the formula available at a discounted price. Break the tanning-signs of aging cycle by ordering a bottle today!

Devoted Creations Bronze Confessions: Your New Little Black Beauty Secret

Indoor tanning helps you get a golden glow year round, but if you’re like many ladies, you might struggle to get the same kind of gorgeous dark color that you can achieve from laying out in the sun. With Devoted Creations Bronze Confessions Revolutionary Black Silicone Emulsion Tanning Lotion, you can get color that will fool everyone and have people you know asking if you just got back from vacation. This tanning lotion will allow you to smile mysteriously and make them wonder; no one will every suspect you got your glow from the tanning bed and not the beach! Devoted Creations BRONZE CONFESSIONS Streak Free Bronzer - 12.25 oz.

To deliver the darkest possible results, Devoted Creations Bronze Confessions Revolutionary Black Silicone Emulsion Tanning Lotion contains a black silicone blend. The silicone base allows the formula to melt into your skin, delivering ingredients to the layer of tissue where pigment is produced. This helps the bronzers stimulate as much melanin production as possible during your session. Plus, the tanning lotion contains a deep dark DHA complex to make the color as black as possible. The complex produces streak-free color that looks as natural as possible.

Devoted Creations Bronze Confessions Revolutionary Black Silicone Emulsion Tanning Lotion treats the skin to an anti-aging, body firming and skin toning complex of RevitaFit, Body Fit and advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 peptides with every use in order to keep the skin as healthy as possible when you tan. The oil-absorbing formula helps to prevent pore blockages to decrease the frequency of breakouts, and the tanning lotion has an incredibly exotic Orchid Noir fragrance.

Now, you can get Devoted Creations Bronze Confessions Revolutionary Black Silicone Emulsion Tanning Lotion at a great low price from TanForLess! And don’t worry, we’ll never confess your tanning secret.

Be a Femme Fatale with California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer

Just what is a femme fatale? She’s a gorgeous woman with an amazing allure who just draws everyone to her wherever she goes. Every lady has a little bit of a femme fatale inside of her, and when you feel confident about how you look, you’re more likely to show off that side to the world. Putting your best face forward is easy when you have a great looking tan, and California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer is designed to give you a tan that any femme fatale would be glad to flaunt.California Tan HD FATALE Step 2 Hot Action Tingle

California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer is a very unique tanning lotion because it contains a sophisticated blend of tanning ingredients. Where most bronzers have just one or two active ingredients to assist with tanning, HD Fate includes four complexes that work together to give you very dark coloration. A Furious Complex encourages flushing to prime the skin cells for tanning with increased blood flow. The Color Blast Infusion works during UV exposure to get skin as dark as possible during a session. Assisting with pigment formation is a combination of CuO2 and TRF, which optimize melanin production. The formula contains cosmetic bronzers to enhance color and improve the length of tanning results, but California Tan uses High Definition Melapixel Tanning Technology to make the particles of color smaller to reduce the chances of streaks.

In addition to having gorgeous color, a femme fatale should also have a beautiful complexion. California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer helps you transform your skin with a combination of skin care ingredients. Vitamin C brightens and protects the complexion while encouraging collagen production and complements the actions of suma extract, which ease muscle fatigue. Hydrators are added to the formula to provide ample hydration for the skin.

California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer comes in a 7-ounce bottle, and a little goes a long way. Check out the formula here at TanForLess and order a bottle today.

Protect Your Glow with Australian Gold Scene Stealer

A hot tan helps you make an impressive entrance wherever you go, and since it’s you’re secret to having red carpet ready skin, you don’t want it to fade too fast. Sadly, the more you tan, the more at risk you are for premature fading, as color disappears far more quickly the drier skin becomes. That doesn’t mean you have to just sit back and let your scene be stolen by the effects of dryness. With Australian Gold Scene Stealer CelebuTan Dramatically Dark Bronzer, you can fight back against fading and protect your famous tan.Australian Gold SCENE STEALER Dark Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

Because dryness is the primary cause of premature fading, Australian Gold Scene Stealer CelebuTan Dramatically Dark Bronzer helps to restore your skin to ideal hydration levels and keep them within those ranges. The formula has an aloe base, so it conditions the skin immediately upon application and helps to fight inflammation. The Biosine Complex works on the outer layer of the skin to soften and smooth it, helping it to resist peeling. A blend of kakadu plum, vitamin C and shea butter use FadeDefy Technology to keep your color as rich as possible for days after your tanning session, and the formula features coconut water, coconut oil and coconut extract to refresh and hydrate.

Along with all the ingredients designed to help you beat fading, Australian Gold Scene Stealer CelebuTan Dramatically Dark Bronzer contains a potent bronzing blend so you can be sure you’ll steal the scene whenever you make an appearance. The CelebuTan Dramatically Dark Bronzer activates the melanin already present in your skin with a peptide blend and helps the skin cells produce as much more pigment as possible throughout your session. You’ll look darker the moment you leave the tanning bed with color continuing to increase for hours after.

The Australian Gold Scene Stealer CelebuTan Dramatically Dark Bronzer is the best way to guard against fading and get a celebrity beautiful tan that lasts. Get your bottle now!