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Brown Sugar BLACK CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE 200X Black Bronzer – 13.5 oz.



This 200X Black Bronzer with Double Dark Chocolate Extracts is artisan crafted in small batches to ensure truly regal color.  This color beams forth with a majestic glow, thanks to an ultra-rich chocolate & royal honey complex designed to condition skin for optimum radiance.

  • 200X Black Bronzers carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet.
  • Double Dark Chocolate & “Queen Bee” Royal Honey bathe skin in a gorgeous glow.
  • Lush silicone emulsion melts into skin for a heavenly soft feel.
  • Fragrance: Kiwi Coconut Berry Blossom

Got Swag?

This is the year for Swag!  Several lotions have come out this year that are all about Swag.

Tan Inc. Brown Sugar has just released their new lotion Brown Sugar SWAG 99X Black Bronzer – 13.5 oz. This lotion is Amazing!  Brown Sugar has been around a long time, and they get better with age.  Check this lotion out!

Elite 99X lavishly dark Black Bronzers with Diamond Dust illumination. Dark 88 Elite bronzing results in the darkest color possible. Lush moisturizing and toning technology reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Monoi Tahiti
  • Walnut Extract
  • Skin Firming
  • Acai Berry
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Diamond Dust
  • Fragrance: Mango with Tahitian Palm Milk

You should also check out Tan Inc. Brown Sugar’s Swag that is designed for legs!

Silksoft Skin-Firming Bronzer for Sexy Legs.
Treat yourself to celebrity style perks. Swag is a Silksoft Skin Firming Bronzer specially formulated for great looking legs. The silicone lotion blesses your best assets with a lean, dark glow and softness all their own

Nothing wrong with having a little swagger!  Get yours today at Tanforless.com!

Supre LUXX GOLD 30X Bronzer


I don’t normally share my opinions on tanning lotions, however, I am so thrilled with this lotion, I had to share my thoughts.

I was preparing to tan last night, and aimlessly wandering around to find a lotion to use, when my co-worker suggested that I use Luxx Gold.  I had never used this lotion before, but I LOVE bronzers, so I said “ok.”

The lotion glides on your skin so smoothly. A little bit goes a long way.  The smell is very pleasant and somewhat feminine, not a strong perfume though.  I think the bronzers do a fantastic job!  I love the results from this lotion!

Check this lotion out!  And browse the entire collection of Supre products at Tanforless.com!


A perfect fusion of luxury and technology, micro particles of the purest gold lavish your body with a seduction for all of your senses.

  • A uniquely blended 30X bronzing system further darkens after UV exposure for sumptuously dark tanning results.
  • Revolutionary Tanning Complex blended with powerful tan extension technology creates the ultimate in long lasting gorgeous color.
  • 24 Karat Liquid Gold indulges your skin with a rich, glowing, radiant appearance.
  • Precious Diamond Dust captivates the full spectrum of light, cascading it into the skin’s surface for a more natural and brilliant color and tone.
  • Elegantly blended silk protein and luxurious silicones leave skin feeling incredibly smooth, soft and decadent to the touch.

Presidential Trivia! Has Ended

In honor of 2012 being an election year, I have decided to question your knowledge of former presidents.  Throughout history, the people of the United States have elected 44 Presidents.  All of these presidents have left their mark on the people of this country.  Whether good or bad, they have served this nation for four years or more at a time.  Most of their families have political ties, or have in fact been politicians. However, there were only two families in history that produced a father and a son that became the President of the United States.

Which two families provided this country with both a father and son that became President of the United States?

Get your thinking caps on!  Ready, Set, and Go!

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In order to redeem this coupon, the order must be placed online at www.tanforless.com.  Please have your coupon code ready at the time of your order.  This coupon will exclude tanning beds, and tanning bulbs.

Congratulations to Lauren and Heathery!  This weeks winners!!!!