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How to Use Indoor Tanning Lotions in Tanning Beds

When you’re thinking about tanning using a tanning bed, it can be difficult to discern which tanning lotion is best for you to use.  After all, most tanning lotions you are probably used to involve the sun’s UV rays, which are mostly likely not designed for indoor tanning bed use.  You also don’t want to go with what your tanning salon is recommending, as Girl gets a tanyou’re likely to have never heard of the company prior to that visit.

What does that mean for you? Thus, you’ll need to do some research into the different ones BEFORE you try just any one. So, how should you use indoor tanning lotions to get the best results out of tanning bed? Well, it really should begin with how to use a tanning bed properly. After all, if this is your first “rodeo”, you certainly don’t want to mess with the “bull” without some training.

5 Helpful Tips To Help You Learn How To Use A Tanning Bed Correctly

1 – Speak With The Staff

When you choose what tanning salon to go to in your town, it’s best to speak with the staff before you lay in the bed. Determine what bed to use and how long you need to tan for. If you’ve never tanned indoors or have pale skin, they’ll recommend you lie in the bed for no more than seven minutes. If you go for anything more than that, you’re likely to be burnt, not tan.

2 – Use Lotion

Yes, you need a tanning lotion to properly use the tanning bed. Tanning beds will help you to develop and keep up your tan. Don’t forget to buy lotions that can go on your face as well as your body. If you don’t want a tanning lotion, still use sunblock to keep yourself from burning. And, if you’re going to be naked, you’ll need the block everywhere. (More on this down below)

3 – Remove Clothing, Use Goggles

Remove your clothes and pull your hair up (if you’ve got long hair). You’ll also need to wear some eye protection (salons tend to provide this for you). When the machine goes on, then get into the bed. Turn the fans on and lie flat on your back. Lie still while you tan, keeping your eyes closed.

4 – Tanning Your Body

To tan your body evenly, lift your arms so the rays can get to your armpits. You’ll also need to raise your back off the bed so that the lower back won’t stay pale, which can happen when your butt and back is pressed against the bed. Be sure your chin is raised to get the neck tan.

5 – Moisturizing

Once you’re done, excessively moisturize and don’t take a shower right away. You want your tan to develop. If you’re really itchy, take yourself an oatmeal bath and sit in it for about 20 minutes.

How To Use An Indoor Tanning Lotion With A Tanning Bed

Okay, now you know how to use the tanning bed properly to ensure you get the tan you girl with white towel sitting in a tanning bedwant. But, now you need to know how to use an indoor tanning lotion while you’re in the tanning bed.  This begins with knowing what indoor tanning lotions are designed to do, how they work best and what ingredients they have to ensure you tan… instead of burn.

1 – Indoor tanning lotions may or may not contain SPF. The thinking is that the other ingredients in tanning lotions protect your body from the UV rays so you don’t need as much protection. 2 – These kinds of lotions are formulated to boost the UV rays effects. 3 – Indoor tanning lotions work better in short but intense durations. 4 – These lotions won’t cause damage to the acrylic material tanning beds are made of unlike regular suntan lotion.

When you’re going to use an indoor tanning lotion for the tanning bed, you need to keep in mind your type of skin, which will fall into one of the following categories:

– Light – Fair – Medium – Dark – Olive – Deep

You’ll also need to know what kind of lotion you want. Do you want lotion sprays, bronzing lotions, moisturizing lotions, etc.? Remember, whatever lotion you get, it needs to work with your skin type.

You’ll also want to apply it evenly around your body. So, make sure you exfoliate your skin before you placing the lotion on your body. Be sure to use a back applicator so that your back also gets the tanning lotion. Use a towel to remove an excess tanning lotion that’s on your hands.

When you use indoor tanning bed lotion, it’s best to apply it anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes before you decide to tan if you want the full effect. Also, don’t use tingle lotions before you tan since the high temperatures will activate the lotion, causing you some pain.

There you have it! If you’re tired of sunbathing or just don’t have time to sit for hours in the sun, a tanning bed can become your best friend. Of course, it’s imperative you do some research into the right indoor tanning lotion for the tanning bed so you get the results you want without causing undue harm to your skin.