Tan Au Natural with Supre Citrus Burst Natural Bronzer

You’re a green girl. You recycle. You use sustainable products, and you like to only use natural products on your skin. Maybe you’ve even avoided tanning because you just didn’t think you could get a great tan without having to use chemicals, or maybe you’ve compromised your green philosophy to get a gorgeous glow. Now, you don’t have to be stuck with pale skin or use a bronzing formula that conflicts with your natural lifestyle. Supre Citrus Burst Natural Bronzer will help you get a great tan with a blend of ingredients that is completely natural. Supre CITRUS BURST Natural Bronzer - 8 oz.

Supre Citrus Burst Natural Bronzer is a unique tanning lotion that uses natural extracts to help your skin respond better to UV exposure. This blend of ingredients increases how much melanin the tissue produces while you tan to help you get dark results. Black walnut and kukui nut oil are also included to perfect the color and help it last for as long as possible. These ingredients offer the benefits of DHA, but don’t pose any risk for streaks, so that your tan will look as natural as the complexes used to produce it are!

To keep your skin naturally beautiful, Supre Citrus Burst Natural Bronzer contains a blend of natural extracts that promote skin health. Among these ingredients are vitamins A, C and E, which work together to limit the harmful effects of the free radicals that make wrinkles form. Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production to firm and tone the skin and brightens the complexion and body skin to enhance your natural glow. Plus, you’ll e the skin conditioning benefits of vitamin E to help your skin stay smooth and soft.

If you’re ready to go natural in the tanning bed, order Supre Citrus Burst Natural Bronzer today. You can get this bronzer at an incredibly low price from TanForLess.

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