Get Instant Tanification with New PlayBoy Leather & Lace

There’s a party tonight, and you’re dying to wear your new mini skirt, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks and you haven’t been able to get to the tanning salon. You can squeeze in a session today, but you worry that you won’t be able to get the dark color that you need to really rock that mini in time for the big event. If this story sounds all too familiar, Playboy has just released a lotion that is meant for you!Playboy LEATHER & LACE Black Bronzer - 10.1 oz.

PlayBoy Leather & Lace Outrageous Black Bronzer with Instant Color Beads is an advanced bronzer that is meant for all of those occasions when you just can’t wait for long-acting bronzers to work their magic. The Instant Color Beads in the formula deposit cosmetic pigments on your skin as soon as you apply the bronzer, giving you dark results that will last until you shower. As you tan, the three-phase bronzing complex assists with melanin production to get your natural tan as dark as possible, and then the long-acting ingredients go to work to refine the color and give you long-lasting results. It’s the perfect way to get a quick glow that will develop into a gorgeous dark tan with a long lifespan.

When you’re faced with a tanning emergency, you don’t want to compromise the health of your skin just to get dark color in a hurry. That’s why PlayBoy Leather & Lace Outrageous Black Bronzer with Instant Color Beads includes a moisturizing blend to nourish your skin. The moisturizing ingredients replace the natural oils that can evaporate from your skin when it’s exposed to ultraviolet, and they help to reestablish your skin’s moisture barrier to ward off dryness in the days following tanning. The bronzer has a lovely fragrance that brings together kiwi, honeydew, brandy currants and vanilla.

If you want to avoid tanning emergencies, check out PlayBoy Leather & Lace Outrageous Black Bronzer with Instant Color Beads and buy a bottle here at TanForLess. You’ll be glad to have this instant bronzer on hand when you need it, and you’ll love our low price!

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