Fight Signs of Aging and Go Dark with New Devoted Creations Black & Gold

The development of signs of aging can become a vicious cycle for many who frequently tan. When your skin is tanned it appears more youthful and signs of aging are often much less evident, but when you tan to get that golden color to detract from fine lines, you expose your skin to more ultraviolet, which can lead to an increase in lines. This increases your need to tan to hide them, and the cycle continues and continues….until now. Devoted Creations has recently introduced a new formula that combines a bronzing complex to encourage a dark black tan while treating the skin to the new gold standard in anti-aging ingredients. Devoted Creations BLACK & GOLD Instant Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

Devoted Creations Black & Gold Dramatic Instant Black Bronzer contains a very potent blend of immediate bronzers, natural bronzers and DHA, which work together to stimulate pigment production and adjust coloration before and after a tanning session. SunXtend is included in the product to help prolong the results of every session, so that you can tan less frequently without compromising the color. A Cashmere Blend is added to continuously provide moisture to the skin for 24 hours to keep dryness at bay and decrease the chances of premature fading.

With its complete profile of anti-aging ingredients, Devoted Creations Black & Gold Dramatic Instant Black Bronzer promotes more youthful looking skin with every use. The combination of anti-aging complexes includes Phytocelltec, Renovage and Cell LD, ingredients that help the skin tissue produce more collagen to tone the skin. Over time, this makes signs of aging less evident and helps the skin remain strong to resist wrinkling in the future. In addition, the formula contains an anti-cellulite complex to reduce the look of orange peel skin.

At TanForLess, we’re pleased to now have Devoted Creations Black & Gold Dramatic Instant Black Bronzer, and we have the formula available at a discounted price. Break the tanning-signs of aging cycle by ordering a bottle today!

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