Meet Your New Tanning Best Friend: Playboy Boost Pink Diamonds Bronzer for Women

Once you have a base tan, your tanning work is really just beginning. In fact, perfecting base tan color is where the hard work comes in with indoor tanning. Getting your color to the ideal level typically requires many tanning sessions. Many women become frustrated before they reach that point of ideally dark for their skin and end up giving up tanning or go less frequently and settle for color that is lackluster. Playboy Boost Pink Diamonds Bronzer for Women is designed to help make it easier to obtain your preferred tanned tone, so that you can push through and get the tan of your dreams. playboy boost pink diamonds

Playboy Boost Pink Diamonds Bronzer for Women is based on the formulas used by Playboy Bunnies to keep their skin looking golden for photo shoots. The bronzer takes your skin through three distinct stages of coloration. As soon as you apply the bronzer, cosmetic pigments darken the tissue, making it one shade darker before you’re even in the tanning bed. While UV exposure continues, the melanin stimulating ingredients help to up the concentration of pigment in your skin, leading to color that is another two shades darker. Following your session, DHA and long-acting bronzers continue to develop color for two additional shades of darkness. All in all, the bronzer can leave skin up to five shades darker with every tanning session for greatly accelerated results.

To make Playboy Boost Pink Diamonds Bronzer for Women, the formula has an essential oil base. You can massage it into the tissue with ease, ensuring that you don’t miss a spot. The formula also contains rich emollients to maintain skin’s natural hydration perfectly through every session. Buy your bottle of Playboy Boost Pink Diamonds Bronzer for Women and get a tan that is worth as much as a diamond.

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