Make the Most of Every Session with Ed Hardy Down Right Dark

Convention has it that when you want to get a dark tan, you have to hit the bed over and over again and be patient to see results. While it’s true that slow and steady can help you to win the tanning race, you don’t always have time to wait around for results. If you’re attending prom or a wedding, getting ready for a date, gearing up for a vacation or have another very important reason to be tanned to perfection, you can hasten the process and get the color you want with Ed Hardy Down Right Dark Mega Intense 30X Black Bronzer.down right dark bronzer

Ed Hardy Down Right Dark Mega Intense 30X Black Bronzer is one of the newest formulas in the Ed Hardy collection and is powerful enough to make your skin as much as 30 times as dark as tanning it without a bronzer could. The formula rapidly releases its ingredients, so that they can penetrate the skin very quickly. This is important, as the melanin stimulators found in the formula must be beneath the outer layer of tissue to function most effectively and hurry the melanin production process along. Cosmetic bronzers and DHA are also included in the product to darken your skin before and after your tan.

When you use Ed Hardy Down Right Dark Mega Intense 30X Black Bronzer, your skin will be up to one full shade darker after each session. The formula also will help you fight signs of aging with skin tighteners and toners and a blend of super fruit extracts. Rich in antioxidants, these natural juices help to break down the particles that cause wrinkles to form. And like all Ed Hardy products, the formula provides protection for body art.

If you want to get down right dark in a hurry, Ed Hardy Down Right Dark Mega Intense 30X Black Bronzer is the perfect solution. Order your bottle from TanForLess today.

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