Break Through Dehydration with Pro Tan Breaking Bad Ultra Dark Creamy Oil

Moisture is absolutely essential to healthy skin. Without moisture, skin cells become parched and begin to shrivel, creating tiny gaps in the tissue that results in a rough, unpleasant texture. Dry skin can also develop flakes or peel when it is tanned. Your complexion and body skin even relies on moisture to help protect it from bacteria and other harmful particles, making it very important that the skin remains ideally hydrated.

If you tan, you may have a difficult time keeping your skin moisturized. This is because of the heat and the energy produced by the tanning bed. Like all types of liquids, the oils in your skin evaporate when they reach a certain temperature, leaving your skin depleted of moisture. You don’t have to suffer with dry skin symptoms or simply give up tanning to overcome them, though. With Pro Tan Breaking Bad Ultra Dark Creamy Oil, you can still tan to dark perfection while keeping your skin soft, hydrated and protected. Pro Tan BREAKING BAD Instant Dark Creamy Oil

Pro Tan Breaking Bad Ultra Dark Creamy Oil is an oil-based bronzer, so its very formula is capable of replenishing lost moisture. Oils are more similar to the natural moisture in your skin, meaning that the bronzer is more effective at fighting dehydration than other types of tanning products. Shark oil is included in the formula, and this unique emollient actually has the ability to repair the barrier on your skin that is made up of natural sebum. As a result, less moisture can evaporate while you tan, and your skin becomes less and less likely to suffer from dryness following subsequent sessions when you apply the oil.

Easy to apply even in areas where body hair is thick and dense, Pro Tan Breaking Bad Ultra Dark Creamy Oil provides dark tanning results from head to toe. The formula contains pigment enhancers to add to the natural color of your tan as well as DHA to prolong results. Order a bottle from TanForLess and get the darkest tan imaginable while still having healthy, silky skin to show off.

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