Ed Hardy Black Koi: A Dark Black Tan without Compromising Your Glow

When you picture healthy skin, a pale, washed out complexion is hardly what you envision. That’s why so many of us tan–to get a golden skin tone that enhances our natural beauty. Many women find that as they tan, the color of their skin improves, but they don’t get that glow that they imagine as the ideal look of healthy skin. This occurs most often because of the side effects of tanning. UV can leave the skin dried out and dull, which robs it of that luminous quality that makes for a truly gorgeous complexion. Fortunately, you can get a dark black tan while still maintaining the radiance of your skin with Ed Hardy Black Koi Elite Black Silicone Skin Illuminating Bronzer. Ed Hardy Black Koi

Inspired by the shimmering qualities of the koi fish’s scales, Ed Hardy Black Koi Elite Black Silicone Skin Illuminating Bronzer helps to boost skin radiance while giving you a dark black tan. The formula has three types of bronzers: cosmetic bronzers for instant color, a Quad Tyrosine blend for faster pigment manufacturing and DHA for continuous darkening after you have finished your session. Together, these ingredients produce a very vibrant tan that is far less likely to fade. The skin illuminating ingredients help even stressed skin positively glow for gorgeous effects.

While Ed Hardy Black Koi Elite Black Silicone Skin Illuminating Bronzer can help you fake that luminous look right away, its ingredients can actually help to return your skin to good health to make that radiance completely yours. Coconut milk moisturizers fight dehydration, the primary cause of dullness. Antioxidants derived from super fruits minimize the effects of the free radicals in ultraviolet, and there is even a color protector blend that shield body art from fading.

With Ed Hardy Black Koi Elite Black Silicone Skin Illuminating Bronzer, you get skin care ingredients, radiance boosters and a triple bronzing complex all in one bottle that bears the gorgeous artwork of tattoo artist Ed Hardy. Buy your bottle and get back your glow!

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