Raise Your Tanning Status with Devoted Creations Diamond Status

A tan might not really be a status symbol, but having a great one can definitely complete your look and help you feel more like being a social butterfly. Of course, if you want that perfect tan, you have to spend time working to get it to the ideal level of dark. Many women find that at first their skin tans rapidly, but that once their base tans are built, darkening happens much more gradually. Hitting a tanning plateau where your skin doesn’t seem to respond to UV is a very common problem, and usually, the best way to deal with it is to switch to a more intense tanning lotion. diamond status devoted creations

Devoted Creations Diamond Status Auto Darkening CC Creme Bronzing Blend is a brand new formula to arrive on the market that is made to be a plateau breaker. The formula uses self-adjusting color technology to help build on whatever level of tan is already in place and deepen its hue. Still, the formula is optimized to produce results without leaving the skin looking orange or unnaturally dark the way some plateau breaking bronzers can. SunXtend allows the results to stay dark for days, too, so you can tan less frequently while maintaining your color.

The better the condition of your skin, the more capable it is to respond to UV and produce new pigments. The Devoted Creations Diamond Status Auto Darkening CC Creme Bronzing Blend helps to improve skin health with an array of proprietary ingredients. To firm the skin, minimize cellulite and diminish signs of aging, the bronzer includes Phytocelltec, Renovage and Cell LD. Cashmere extracts are added to the blend to moisturizer the skin and supply hydration for up to a day after you tan.

Completing the Devoted Creations Diamond Status Auto Darkening CC Creme Bronzing Blend is its incredible Midnight Blackberry fragrance, which will have you smelling sweet after your sessions and beyond. Check out this unique plateau-fighting formula here at TanForLess, where you’ll pay less for all of the new bronzers out for 2014.

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