Get Skin in Shape with Hempz Whipped Triple Moisture Body Créme

When it comes to your figure, you know that it takes hard work to have a hot bod. You hit the gym. You watch what you eat, and you drink plenty of water to keep your body looking great. You also go tanning to give your skin a healthy glow and accentuate your natural beauty, but that’s not all that your skin needs to truly be at its best. Just as a great figure requires regular work, having gorgeous skin involves a commitment to keeping the tissue properly hydrated and nourished. Hempz Whipped Triple Moisture Body Créme is a formula made especially to keep the skin in shape even if you frequently tan. body wash creme

If you tan often, you absolutely need to moisturize every day to prevent symptoms of dryness like peeling, itching and roughness from developing. Hempz Whipped Triple Moisture Body Créme is formulated for daily use and supplies hydration to the skin for up to 24 hours to fight dehydration. The cream contains ylang ylang and help seed oils, both of which are rich in essential fatty acids. While the oils replace lost hydration in the skin, the nutrients that they contain help to regulate the moisture barrier that is responsible for preventing dryness.

Hempz Whipped Triple Moisture Body Créme features additional natural ingredients that can help you whip your skin into shape in no time. Apple fruit provides vitamin C that brightens the skin and helps to minimize signs of aging by boosting collagen levels. Cogon grass is also included to remineralize the skin and leave it feeling incredibly silky. Peach and grapefruit extracts finish off the ingredients and help to alleviate irritation that arises due to tanning or exposure to harsh weather.

Completely free of parabens and gluten, Hempz Whipped Triple Moisture Body Créme is a gentle formula that is perfect for all skin types. Order a bottle today and start your daily skin care regimen for skin that is gorgeous and perfectly tan.

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