Get Swept Up in Dark Color with Ed Hardy Sun Swept Exclusive Browning Lotion

When you’re starting the tanning season, your first priority has to be get a great base tan from head to toe. Until you have some initial color, you simply can’t begin working on darker results. Many women make the mistake of using a darkening formula too early. While these products are great for adding to the color of a base tan, they’re not the ideal way to actually build a base. To get great results and be ready to push for darker coloration more quickly, use Ed Hardy Sun Swept Exclusive Browning Lotion to build that perfect base. sunswept tanning lotion

Ed Hardy Sun Swept Exclusive Browning Lotion is one of the newest formulas from the tanning lotion collection inspired by the artwork of tattoo artist Ed Hardy. These formulas are designed for ladies and gents with body art who want to get great tans without losing color from their tattoos. Like all Ed Hardy tanners, Sun Swept helps to prevent body art fading, and it contains a blend of ingredients carefully selected for their ability to promote base tanning.

The active ingredients in Ed Hardy Sun Swept Exclusive Browning Lotion are melanin stimulators. When applied to the skin, they encourage your cells to produce natural pigments. By helping your skin generate as much melanin as possible, the browning lotion accelerates base tanning. Kona coffee extract is also present in the formula and provides antioxidant protection for the skin, which is important, particularly during the first stages of tanning when skin needs extra care to prevent photo damage.

To give you a feel of the tropics during your tanning session, Ed Hardy Sun Swept Exclusive Browning Lotion has a starfruit and guava scent inspired by Hawaii. You’re sure to get swept up in the fragrance and the results possible with this remarkable browning formula, which you can now get here at TanForLess.

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