Be a Femme Fatale with California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer

Just what is a femme fatale? She’s a gorgeous woman with an amazing allure who just draws everyone to her wherever she goes. Every lady has a little bit of a femme fatale inside of her, and when you feel confident about how you look, you’re more likely to show off that side to the world. Putting your best face forward is easy when you have a great looking tan, and California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer is designed to give you a tan that any femme fatale would be glad to flaunt.California Tan HD FATALE Step 2 Hot Action Tingle

California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer is a very unique tanning lotion because it contains a sophisticated blend of tanning ingredients. Where most bronzers have just one or two active ingredients to assist with tanning, HD Fate includes four complexes that work together to give you very dark coloration. A Furious Complex encourages flushing to prime the skin cells for tanning with increased blood flow. The Color Blast Infusion works during UV exposure to get skin as dark as possible during a session. Assisting with pigment formation is a combination of CuO2 and TRF, which optimize melanin production. The formula contains cosmetic bronzers to enhance color and improve the length of tanning results, but California Tan uses High Definition Melapixel Tanning Technology to make the particles of color smaller to reduce the chances of streaks.

In addition to having gorgeous color, a femme fatale should also have a beautiful complexion. California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer helps you transform your skin with a combination of skin care ingredients. Vitamin C brightens and protects the complexion while encouraging collagen production and complements the actions of suma extract, which ease muscle fatigue. Hydrators are added to the formula to provide ample hydration for the skin.

California Tan HD Fatale Hot Action Venti Bronzer comes in a 7-ounce bottle, and a little goes a long way. Check out the formula here at TanForLess and order a bottle today.

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