Calm the Red with Supre Tan Keep Calm & Tan On Bronzer

Sensitive skin affects millions of women, and if you’re one of those ladies born with a delicate complexion, you already know how challenging sensitivity can be. When your skin is sensitive, redness, itching, stinging and inflammation can strike without warning, particularly when you introduce a new skin care product to your daily routine.

If you have sensitive skin and love the way it looks with a tan, finding the best way to get your bronzed look without triggering a reaction can be a real challenge. Still, you don’t have to freak out about the prospects of using the tanning bed. The latest tanner from Supre Tan–Keep Calm & Tan On–can help you get gorgeous color while soothing your skin to reduce the risk of hypersensitivity. Supre KEEP CALM AND TAN ON Dark Bronzer

Supre Tan Keep Calm & Tan On Bronzer feature a unique skin relaxing blend of natural ingredients that have long been used to address skin sensitivity, including chamomile and lavender. Real green tea leaf extract present in the formula reduces the effects of free radicals produced by the tanning bed, slashing the likelihood of hypersensitivity. Moisturizers are also featured in the product to keep sensitive complexions perfectly hydrated.

Along with all of these nourishing and soothing ingredients for sensitive skin, the bronzer contains a blend of tanning maximizers that greatly increase the speed at which melanin is produced. This means that although Supre Tan Keep Calm & Tan On Bronzer is super gentle, it is also super effective at promoting dark golden tanning results. It may be hard not to excited about Supre Tan Keep Calm & Tan On Bronzer, but keep calm long enough to order it right here on

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