Better Skin Through Science: Designer Skin Pumped Tanning Lotion

While we often don’t connect science and beauty in our minds, the best skin care products are often those developed with cutting-edge science as their foundation. Tanning lotions are no exception, and it’s easy to understand why. The process of tanning is a biological and chemical reaction that occurs in response to ultraviolet energy. To truly deliver results, tanning lotions must be formulated to work with your body’s natural tanning process. That’s precisely how Designer Skin developed their new dark tanning lotion, Designer Skin Pumped Tanning Lotion, and it’s why this is such a remarkable product for women who want luscious dark tans. Designer Skin PUMPED Dark Tanning Intensifier - 13.5 oz.

Designer Skin Pumped Tanning Lotion contains three different ingredients that are scientifically proven to maximize the tanning potential of your skin. The formula features angelica root, a natural plant extract that is shown to sensitize the skin to UVA rays, one of the forms of radiation that is responsible for triggering the skin’s darkening response. The natural extract makes the skin more responsive to the UV light in the tanning bed. In addition to the extract, the lotion’s formula includes solar peptides that help the skin manufacture pigment and tyrosine, a key enzyme that is necessary for starting the reactions that lead to pigment production.

Because Designer Skin Pumped Tanning Lotion is formulated to amplify the effects of UV, it’s also enriched with ingredients that help to counteract the aging effects of ultraviolet exposure. An exclusive DreamWear silicone emulsion helps to lock moisture in the skin to prevent the excessive evaporation that can leave the skin dehydrated and more prone to wrinkling. The silicone blend has the added benefit of smoothing the body skin to improve texture. Also featured in the formula is a signature Culture Shock Pearl Infusion, a blend of marine minerals that nourish the skin while normalizing skin tone. This infusion makes existing signs of aging less noticeable on the body skin to promote a youthful appearance.

If you truly want to treat yourself to the latest tanning technology, you can’t go wrong with Designer Skin Pumped Tanning Lotion. You’ll find the product here at TanForLess for a much lower price than you’d expect to pay at your local tanning salon, so you can unleash the power of science to improve your tan without paying too much!

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