Perfect and Protect While You Tan with Ed Hardy Reality Star

Have you tried out a BB cream yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! These revolutionary skin care products perform multiple tasks at one time, and they all add up to beautiful skin. Light-reflecting pigments disguise skin imperfections while primer complexes refine the pores to make them less visible. Moisturizers leave the skin soft and silky, and BB cream formulas even contain anti-aging ingredients to keep the skin youthful. Ed Hardy Reality Star Photo Finish Fact Acting Bronzer is the ultimate multi-tasking BB, as it also includes a powerful bronzing blend and extra goodies for the skin.reality star bronzer

Along with its complete BB cream formula, Ed Hardy Reality Star Photo Finish Fact Acting Bronzer contains a Quad Tyrosine Blend that helps the skin generate as much melanin as possible during tanning sessions. Natural bronzers in the formula give the skin the nutrients that it needs to help with pigment production, making it possible for your skin to produce an incredible amount of melanin while you tan. Then, DHA makes the color even darker and more vibrant for hours after tanning.

When you apply Ed Hardy Reality Star Photo Finish Fact Acting Bronzer, your skin will instantly look more youthful and radiant because of its BB cream base. Color-protecting ingredients in the bronzer decrease the chances of premature fading. The formula is friendly to tattoos, as its fade protectors also prevent body art from becoming bleached by UV. Finishing off the unique formula is a luxurious Sparkling Champagne fragrance that perfectly pleases the senses.

Ed Hardy Reality Star Photo Finish Fact Acting Bronzer comes in a 13.5-ounce bottle designed by tattoo artist Ed Hardy. We’re pleased to now carry this new bronzing formula and are sure you’ll love our great low price on this BB cream tanning lotion.

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