Supre LUXX GOLD 30X Bronzer


I don’t normally share my opinions on tanning lotions, however, I am so thrilled with this lotion, I had to share my thoughts.

I was preparing to tan last night, and aimlessly wandering around to find a lotion to use, when my co-worker suggested that I use Luxx Gold.  I had never used this lotion before, but I LOVE bronzers, so I said “ok.”

The lotion glides on your skin so smoothly. A little bit goes a long way.  The smell is very pleasant and somewhat feminine, not a strong perfume though.  I think the bronzers do a fantastic job!  I love the results from this lotion!

Check this lotion out!  And browse the entire collection of Supre products at!


A perfect fusion of luxury and technology, micro particles of the purest gold lavish your body with a seduction for all of your senses.

  • A uniquely blended 30X bronzing system further darkens after UV exposure for sumptuously dark tanning results.
  • Revolutionary Tanning Complex blended with powerful tan extension technology creates the ultimate in long lasting gorgeous color.
  • 24 Karat Liquid Gold indulges your skin with a rich, glowing, radiant appearance.
  • Precious Diamond Dust captivates the full spectrum of light, cascading it into the skin’s surface for a more natural and brilliant color and tone.
  • Elegantly blended silk protein and luxurious silicones leave skin feeling incredibly smooth, soft and decadent to the touch.

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