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Presidential Trivia! Has Ended

In honor of 2012 being an election year, I have decided to question your knowledge of former presidents.  Throughout history, the people of the United States have elected 44 Presidents.  All of these presidents have left their mark on the people of this country.  Whether good or bad, they have served this nation for four years or more at a time.  Most of their families have political ties, or have in fact been politicians. However, there were only two families in history that produced a father and a son that became the President of the United States.

Which two families provided this country with both a father and son that became President of the United States?

Get your thinking caps on!  Ready, Set, and Go!

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Congratulations to Lauren and Heathery!  This weeks winners!!!!

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Dry Skin! Ugh!

Welcome to the fall!  Although I love fall weather, my skin detests it.  Dry skin is a common problem, especially in the winter and fall months.  There are several causes of dry skin and several remedies as well.  I was browsing the internet today and came across several very helpful articles.  As an avid tanner, I am always looking for cures to the drying of my skin.

To all of the tanners and non-tanners who suffer from dry skin, please check out the follwing articles!  You may just find the cure you have been looking for to heal your skin.

I have found several helpful hints to keep my skin moisturized and healthy all year round.

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Jersey Shore…

In honor of the last season of Jersey Shore, Tanforless would like you to check out the whole line of Jersey Shore cast members products.  Three of the most popular cast members, Snooki, JWoww, and Pauly D have all become integrated with the tanning industry and have all had tanning products manufactured to represent them.

Supre has produced the Snooki line of tanning products.  Tanforless offers all three of her products:

As for JWoww, Australian Gold launched her line of tanning products a couple of years ago. These products sell extremely well, and customers of Tanforless cannot seem to get enough of them!

And now it is time to rock it out with Pauly D!  Devoted Creations is behind this explosive line of tanning lotions.  These lotions seem to match the outgoing and somewhat naughty personality of Pauly D!

So Let’s Celebrate the Last Season of Jersey Shore!  Show some LOVE!!!

Trivia Contest has Ended!!!!!!

Welcome back!  Hope you all are enjoying the new Tanforless.com!  We have so much more in store, just wait and see.  This is week two of the Trivia Contest, and I hope you are all ready for a trip back in history (not too far but far enough) I am not a history teacher but I am a music fanatic.  Here, at Tanforless, we listen to a variety of music all day, every day!  Here we go!

On this day, October 9, 1983, which song was Number One on the Hot 100 list, title and artist?

This contest is for the prize of a 10% off coupon at Tanforless.com.  Contest will close after three correct answers are given.

Get your thinking caps on!

Congratulations to our winners Nikala, Mandi, and Liz!  Way to go Ladies!

Keep an eye out for next week’s Trivia Contest starting on October 16, 2012.