Trivia Contest has Ended!!!!!!

Welcome back!  Hope you all are enjoying the new!  We have so much more in store, just wait and see.  This is week two of the Trivia Contest, and I hope you are all ready for a trip back in history (not too far but far enough) I am not a history teacher but I am a music fanatic.  Here, at Tanforless, we listen to a variety of music all day, every day!  Here we go!

On this day, October 9, 1983, which song was Number One on the Hot 100 list, title and artist?

This contest is for the prize of a 10% off coupon at  Contest will close after three correct answers are given.

Get your thinking caps on!

Congratulations to our winners Nikala, Mandi, and Liz!  Way to go Ladies!

Keep an eye out for next week’s Trivia Contest starting on October 16, 2012.

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