Get the Hottest Tan Ever with Designer Skin Glamour Goddess 300X Sizzle Intensifier

You’ve been tanning for a long time. You’re way past the point of building your base tan, but you still feel like you’re a long way from getting to the color that you really want. You’ve tried longer sessions. You’ve used DHA bronzers to push your color darker, but still, your color stays shades lighter than you had hoped. Sound familiar? Designer Skin GLAMOUR GODDESS

If you’re having trouble getting to the perfect depth of color, Designer Skin has the solution. The brand has just released Designer Skin Glamour Goddess 300X Sizzle Intensifier, a powerful intensifier that can help put an end to even the toughest of tanning plateaus. A formula intended only for experienced tanners, the formula has sizzle complex that causes a tingling sensation on the skin. The result is increased blood flow to the tissue, which helps melanin production begin more quickly when you tan. The intensifier can produce results up to 300 times darker than tanning bare skin without the need for DHA!

Designer Skin Glamour Goddess 300X Sizzle Intensifier is also formulated to meet the skin care needs of long-term tanners. To decrease the likelihood of the development of signs of aging, the formula contains the Eternal Goddess Anti-Aging Skincare blend of hibiscus flower, which contains a potent dose of vitamin C. This antioxidant destroys the particles that cause wrinkles to form and encourages collagen production. Camu camu and grape seed oil are also included to provide even more antioxidant protection.

The solution to your tanning problem is waiting for you to discover it! Buy a bottle of Eternal Goddess Anti-Aging Skincare from TanForLess today and reveal your inner glamour goddess!

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