Get Summer Color Year-Round with Supre Tan Watermelon Wow

Watermelon just makes you think of summer, doesn’t it? When you gather together at picnics throughout the summer months, there’s nothing like a big juicy piece of watermelon to cool you off and delight your taste buds. With thoughts of summer come thoughts of sunshine and showing your skin in your favorite tanks, sundresses and shorts. Pulling off a hot summer look requires a hot tan, and if you’re committed to having one before the season of fun arrives, you need to have Supre Tan Watermelon Wow Dark Tanning Maximizer in your tanning regimen.Supre WATERMELON WOW Tanning Maximizer

Supre Tan Watermelon Wow Dark Tanning Maximizer is made to give you dark, luscious summer color during any season of the year. This powerful tanning lotion produces very dark results without the use of cosmetic bronzers or DHA. During your session, the maximizer intensifies your skin’s response to UV, kicking melanin production into the highest gear. What you get is a pure, dark natural tan that will instantly catch the eye and have you looking summer-ready all year long.

In addition to its tanning ingredients, Supre Tan Watermelon Wow Dark Tanning Maximizer contains real watermelon extract. Not only does this give the maximizer a wow worthy fragrance, but it also provides the skin with essential nutrients that promote cellular renewal. With regular use, the maximizer will help you overcome imperfections that can diminish your appearance, and its hydrating actions will keep your skin silky and smooth. Before summer arrives, get that dark color that will have you thinking warm thoughts by ordering a bottle of Supre Tan Watermelon Wow Dark Tanning Maximizer from TanForLess!

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