Perfect and Protect while You Tan with New Devoted Creations Camo Queen

You like to stand out in a crowd. That’s part of the reason why you tan–to get a golden glow that everyone will notice. But do you want your skin imperfections to take center stage? Of course not! Sadly, tanning can contribute to imperfections that can threaten to steal your spotlight, but never fear! Devoted Creations has just introduced a new tanning formula that is designed to help you camo those flaws, so all anyone will notice is your tan! Camo Queen Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations Camo Queen Fast Acting Bronzing & Radiance Restoring Formula is more than just a bronzer. It’s actually a CC crème! If you haven’t used a CC before, here’s the scoop on this new cosmetic wonder. CC crèmes are special formulas that prime your skin for applying makeup, moisturize it, minimize the appearance of signs of flaws, boost skin radiance, provide anti-aging benefits and promote an even skin tone. By working as a CC crème, the new Devoted Creations tanning lotion improves the look of your skin the moment that you apply it, and it leaves behind ingredients that help to keep the tissue in good health.

So how does Devoted Creations Camo Queen Fast Acting Bronzing & Radiance Restoring Formula? Awesomely! The formula includes three types of bronzers: Cosmetic for instant color, Natural for assisting with pigment production and Dark DHA for enhanced coloration and lost-lasting results.

While the bronzer really turns up the effects of the tanning bed, it contains a tattoo protector to prevent the UV from bleaching your body art. To provide the anti-aging benefits of a CC crème, Devoted Creations has added their most effective age-fighting ingredients, including RevitaFit for sagging skin, Body Fit for cellulite and advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 peptides for wrinkles and lines.

Devoted Creations Camo Queen Fast Acting Bronzing & Radiance Restoring Formula is a combination cosmetic CC crème and dark bronzing lotion that will have you looking golden and feeling confident. Best of all, you can buy it for a great low price at TanForLess.

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