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  • Ultra Advanced Bronzers, infused with naturally derived Vegetable Proteins and Melanin, help provide faster, darker color
  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Hemp Free and Aloe Free
  • Skin Renewal Complex contains Cotton Thistle to provide moisture and help promote skin cell regeneration for even color and glowing skin
  • Light and flirty Floral Sandalwood fragrance, infused with Cooling Essences, leaves skin refreshed and clean after tanning!
  • Luxe Silicone Base nourishes and hydrates skin, leaving it velvety soft


Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian are known for a lot of things from their love affairs to their television show. While each of the Kardashians has her own unique look, all three sisters have one thing in common–gorgeous, glowing golden skin. The Kardashian Glow tanning collection was designed by the Kardashians to help women everywhere get that same hot tanned look from every tanning session. Recently, the Kardashians have introduced a new product to their collection, and it’s perfect for those who want to stay cool while getting a glow.kardashian glow iced bronzer

Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer was developed to solve a common tanning problem. Many women love the results that they get from the tanning bed, but don’t like to tan. One of the biggest complaints about tanning is how uncomfortable it can get under the hot lights. Often, women cut their sessions short because they can’t stand the heat, and as a result, they are unable to get the dark tanning results that they really want. To remedy this problem, the Kardashians have formulated the Iced Bronzer with a special cooling complex. This blend of ingredients keeps the skin from becoming overheated and makes every tanning session more comfortable and invigorating. The formula’s exotic Floral Sandalwood fragrance also enhances the experience.

Although the Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer cools the skin, it still effectively encourages tanning. The formula contains vegetable proteins and real melanin, which work together to help the skin darken in response to tanning. By the end of the session, the bronzer will have your skin looking deeper in hue than you ever thought possible. Even though it’s so powerful, the bronzer is very gentle and is free of all types of allergens, including parabens, sulfates, gluten and hemp.

To make Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer as luxurious as possible, the bronzer has a silicone base. As you apply it, the formula melts into your skin, instantly making it feel softer and suppler. The silicones also perform a protective role, creating a barrier over the tissue that helps fight tanning-related dryness. Because of its base, the bronzer helps to keep the skin healthier during tanning, so that it remains touch-ably soft no matter how frequently you tan.

Tanning can be hard on the skin even when you have a great bronzer, but Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer contains ingredients to help reverse previous damage and restore skin’s youthful appearance. The Skin Renewal Complex uses cotton thistle and a blend of supportive ingredients to stimulate cellular renewal, which over time can lead to the diminishing of visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

At TanForLess, we’re pleased to now carry Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer along with the rest of the Kardashian Glow collection. As always, you’ll enjoy a great low price when you purchase this phenomenal cooling complex bronzer from us instead of at the tanning salon. Check out our great low price on Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer and order a bottle to get your skin glowing as if you were the fourth Kardashian sister.

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