NFL Gameday Rituals!

Here at, there are several Chicago Bears fans in house.  We all come from various backgrounds, and all have very OUTSPOKEN views on our favorite team.  The weekly debates over which player should have been benched, or which referee needed to take a hike, or which player should be picked up in the draft next year are always hot topics at work.  However, we would like to know how our customers celebrate game day.  What is your favorite game day snack?  Do you enjoy all the games of the day, or are you a stickler for only viewing “your” team?

I, personally, am a HUGE Bears fan and I dress the part for every game.  I have my T-shirt, Hoodie, socks and pajama pants on and ready to go!  I enjoy lounging at home for my game days.  I prefer easy to make snacks, such as sandwiches and chips.  I do not have time to be drawn from the game to check the oven!  I will go insane if I miss a second of the game!

I tend to get very involved in the game.  I scream and shout and say many words I should not say, but I enjoy every minute of the game!

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me know your favorite Game-Day Rituals!

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!


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