FREE Giveaway – A Set of Two(2) Bottles of Designer Skin BLACK NOIR!

  • Value of this giveaway is $93.50
One(1) Winner will get a set of two(2) Designer Skin BLACK NOIR bottles!

Designer Skin BLACK NOIR 22X Bronzer Private Reserve - 13.5 oz.

Designer Skin BLACK NOIR 22X Bronzer Private Reserve – 13.5 oz.

22X bronzer, derived from the Black Label Private Reserve™, delivers one of a kind dark color. Magical Silicone Emulsion with 2x Opti-Glow™ to drench your skin.

  • Ultra Pure DHA and Erythrulose, provides noticeably darker color after one session
  • Mini amino acids that have clinically shown to help produce faster and darker color, while providing superior anti-aging benefits
  • Bio Tanning® Blend with Tyrosine helps intensify and optimize bronzing results Fragrance: Refreshing Citrus Twist

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50 thoughts on “FREE Giveaway – A Set of Two(2) Bottles of Designer Skin BLACK NOIR!

  1. My favorite lotion actually is Black Noir, I’m currently using Black 20x bc I can’t afford the Black Noir! I love the mild tingle and the great bronzers.

  2. I just moved and haven’t tanned in about a month, I’m getting sooooo pale! Will def. be using a bronzer when I go back.

  3. I really don’t have One favorite lotion everyone I have tried works great ❤ I absolutely love tan for less products ❤

  4. Ive been an avid user of the designer skin brand since I started tanning! Right now my obsession is at first sight by DS as well as pretty and reckless ! I hop to win so I can try the black noir ! If it’s anything like black it’ll be fantastic .

  5. I have never used Black Noir but love the bronzers. Really adds to a beautiful tan. Crossing my fingers hope I win!

  6. I normally buy the individual packets because they are less mess. I haven’t really found a favorite brand yet.

  7. I’ve never really gone to any tanning beds before, since I’m of Mexican decent, but I’m excited to try this if I win. 🙂

  8. I recently lost a bunch of weight and am SO stoked to finally get into a bikini this summer…BUT I am so pasty white! I have been trying to get a good tan and this stuff looks AWESOME! I would love to try it out!

  9. I’ve yet to find a lotion that gets me super dark! My daughter wanted me to enter this because she’s looking to get super tan!

  10. St TRopez has been my go to fav for years but I can’t stand the smell… i am hoping they will improve that!!

  11. Hawaiian Tropic is my favorite so far. I’m still on the lookout for better/faster tanning results though.

  12. Cant tan without lotion! You wouldnt believe the difference it makes and you feel so much better tanning as well as after. I love trying all different kinds!

  13. I love the lotions and mystic tan at Palm beach tan! It was my first spray tan and I loved it so much :))

  14. I have used Hawaiin Tropic for many many years, I would love to give this a try- without some type of lotion I fry!

  15. I havn’t tried these yet, but Designer Skin is my GoTo Lotion! There’s NOTHING better than Bombshell… If you havn’t tried it, you’re missing out!!!

  16. Love the Designer Skin line! Used the Smile Your Darker this year to develop my base tan and it worked wonderfully! Gave me a beautiful bronze color! I would love to win the Dark Noir to deepen my bronze!!!! 🙂

  17. I really love Swedish Beauty’s Amaretto! Please, Please get some more in stock, that is my fave lotion!! The color, the smell, the shimmer. I use it not only to tan, but just for everyday moisterizer and color for my whole body even my face. Leaves my skin so smooth and no streaking!!!

  18. I was curious to see if I was still able to enter and it let me. Shouldn’t the drawing be closed after a certain time?

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