FREE Giveaway(ENDED) – One(1) Bottle of Supre BETTER THAN BLACK Dark Ultra Bronzer – 12 oz.

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Supre BETTER THAN BLACK Dark Ultra Bronzer – 12 oz.

With color this dark you will re-define your true tanning potential. MicroBronzingTM Complex and Chromatic Color Extenders delivers ridiculously dark, rich color while our Hydrosilk Emulsion locks in moisture leaving your skin feeling silky soft and incredibly smooth.
Go far beyond your darkest tanning expectations with Better than Black. This ultra advanced bronzing formula with our exclusive PureDarkTM

  • MicroBronzingTM Complex with DHA helps penetrate deeper for smooth more uniform color, producing radiant dark tanning results up to 12 hours after UV-exposure and can last up to 8 days.
  • PureDarkTM Tanning Technology helps stimulates melanin synthesis for a deeper, darker looking tan.
  • HydroSilk Emulsion blends silk amino acids and silicones to condition and hydrate skin for a smooth, silky finish.


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72 thoughts on “FREE Giveaway(ENDED) – One(1) Bottle of Supre BETTER THAN BLACK Dark Ultra Bronzer – 12 oz.

  1. I dont really have a favortie tanning lotion. I have tried alot but have not found one that I love yet.

  2. I would LOVE to try this tanning lotion! I haven’t gotten to tan in a while because I just had a baby. Its time to get DARK again! =)

  3. I just recently started tanning and it is so addicting! I didn’t think it was and thought it was silly, but it’s true! Now I’m trying to find a good tanning lotion! I’ve tried 3 so far and not much luck! 😦

  4. I have never tanned and have always been afraid to try it since I burn so easily. But a friend convinced me to go so next week I am off to the tanning salon…for the first time

  5. My favorite tanning lotion is made supre it is called Mega Vibe dont even know if they carry it any more.

  6. i like to try new lotions when I tan since they all seem to deliver different results. love to try this.

  7. haven’t tried any self tanner but I plan do because my legs are patsy white and I’ll need some color on them for my daughter’s wedding in July

  8. I love to tan!!! I always try new lotions they are all really good especially the ones with bronzer bc u get tanner fast and ur tan will last longer. I hope i win this bottle of lotion i havent tried it before! 😉

  9. I love tanning so much, and I’m always looking for new lotions and bronzers to try! Super excited about this!

  10. I love tanning it helps with a medical issue and love trying new lotions. I’ve been using the Fiesta Sun products but haven’t been getting tan that I use too so I hope I win this bottle so I can try a new brand and get the tan I use to have!!

  11. I love Supre, Designer Skin, and Fiesta Sun Lotions. Those are my favorites so far. Tanning makes me feel better all around and have a better day. It gives me energy and is a great way to stay healthy that a lot of people do not know about and/or take for granted. With it helping you produce vitamin d it can be a life savor.

  12. i keep saying the same things every time i enter, lol, but i surely do love both tanning and having tons of lotions! im lotion obsessed! but currently waiting for my tax return to make another purchase.. winning would be fantastic!

  13. i love accelerators all kinds…. i am game to try new lotions.. but i love synergy lotions the best they work good for me…. and brown me nice in my tanning bed… i have started trying tingle lotions i like them… the hotter the better……

  14. I loveeeee this tanning lotion! It works so well and makes such a difference about how dark you will get after tanning! Love it!

  15. My favorite lotion brands are Bask and Fiesta Sun (the “tini” line). I’m also looking forward to trying Maui Babe outdoor browning lotion later this summer.

  16. I love to tan but I only tan in the spring and summer months. It makes me feel better about myself and have a more positive attitude. I am trying to lose the weight that I have packed on so I have joined a gym, as well, and hoping that between the gym and tanning that this will bring OUT a new side of me. I have lost 15 lbs and now I just want the tan to go with the body! Still working on losing more weight. Need to lose another 25 lbs and I will be good to go!

  17. Hey! I’d love to try this lotion! Am always excited to try a new lotion. I must have 5 bottles of different types of lotions at any given time lol I do have my favorites, Love the ones with the DHA and sunless tanning in them for added darkness.. My favs are older so I’d love to try a new one and find a new fav! Pick me!!!

  18. Hey,, My Fav is Pink Diamond with T2 tingle, is gives a great tingle and a great tan.
    I try to use only this as it an excellent product

  19. I’d love to win this lotion, I recently bought 5 or 6 different bottles pretty cheap from a wholesale catalog. But some of them dont smell very good, so this one looks pretty interesting, I hope i win!!

  20. I love laying in my tanning bed and I am currently trying to find a better tanning lotion without having to spend a lot of money

  21. i love tanforless….. i love accelerators more then anything…. but game to try other products……

  22. My daughter goes tanning and takes me every so often. I must say I enjoy it very much, it is so peaceful and relaxing. Thanks so much for a great giveaway.

  23. I don’t really have a favorite tanning lotion. I am so light skinned that nothing really gets me that dark.

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