FREE Giveaway – One(1) Bottle of Designer Skin BLACK NOIR 22X Bronzer Private Reserve – 13.5 oz.(ENDED)

  • Value of this giveaway is $52.99
  • GIVEAWAY ENDED FEB. 23rd , 2012 12:01 AM EASTERN TIME.

Designer Skin BLACK NOIR 22X Bronzer Private Reserve - 13.5 oz!

Designer Skin BLACK NOIR 22X Bronzer Private Reserve – 13.5 oz.

22X bronzer, derived from the Black Label Private Reserve™, delivers one of a kind dark color. Magical Silicone Emulsion with 2x Opti-Glow™ to drench your skin.

  • Ultra Pure DHA and Erythrulose, provides noticeably darker color after one session
  • Mini amino acids that have clinically shown to help produce faster and darker color, while providing superior anti-aging benefits
  • Bio Tanning® Blend with Tyrosine helps intensify and optimize bronzing results Fragrance: Refreshing Citrus Twist

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72 thoughts on “FREE Giveaway – One(1) Bottle of Designer Skin BLACK NOIR 22X Bronzer Private Reserve – 13.5 oz.(ENDED)

  1. I am going to start my tanning this year pretty soon and I would love to have this lotion. It sounds like a really nice bronzer!! Designer Skin lotions are awesome!!!

  2. Love this lotion! Great texture, smell and amazing color. Designer Skin sure does know how to make some pretty amazing lotions.

  3. I have found CopperTone to be a good sun screen/tanning lotion….so guess that would be my favorite. 🙂 Thank you.

  4. I love Designer Skin. They bring out the best color. My all time favorite is a Supre Tan, Cherry Bomb. I love the smell, the tingle and the color it brings out.

  5. i been using BLACK!! i really like it and i get a great quick tan with it.but it is time to move on and not sure what to use next.

  6. I’ve never used a tanning lotion before but I need to get some color for my daughter’s wedding so I really need this product.

  7. I LOVE Australian Gold tanning products! The first time I ever got into a tanning bed, the woman behind the counter suggested I try their lotion & it smelled so good I couldn’t get enough of it. It made my skin soft & I got a great tan. Years later I’m still hooked.

  8. I love a variety! But my pale skin needs a tingle every now and then to kick it into gear!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  9. I love every Designer Skin lotion I have tried, so far! I always ask for the brand by name. I posted this in one of your other giveaways for another brand, I really think Designer Skin is the best lotion on the market!

  10. I just love Designer Skin, I would love to have this lotion. I have use the DS Revival and the DS Drama Queen, DS Embellish, and of course Angel. I was really pleased with all of them, DS Angel is just the best moisterizer and Hempz is a real close 2nd!

  11. My current favorite brands are Bask and Fiesta Sun Tini line. I also think I should win this because it ends on my birthday and this would be a great birthday present! 🙂

  12. I love love love tanning! I know it’s bad for you, and I dont do it all the time, but I do it for special occasions 🙂

  13. I haven’t heard of this brand before sounds like a great product. I tan fairly easy so this would be a great product for me to try.

  14. I dont generally use tanning beds but i am tempted.. im pale as can be! Cant wait for us to see sun an warmth again!

  15. I do not have a favorite tanning lotion at the moment. I always feel better with a tan though. I am a lite tanner I guess you could say.

  16. i dont remember the name of the tanning lotion i like but i do like how it smells good. its hard to find one that does.

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