Free Giveaway of 2 SNOOKI Tanning Lotions (Ended Jan. 26th 12:01 AM)

This FREE giveaway is for a set of  2 Supre SNOOKI Tanning Lotions!

Snooki tanning lotions

How to Participate in this Giveaway?

Use your name and email. (link under The Facebook Login) or Click on the Facebook login image. If you are logged in to Facebook when you arrive on this page, you are ready to go!

Note that all requested information must be provided for the entry to be counted. Entries will be monitored and incomplete entries will be deleted. Winner will be contacted through e-mail and announced on this post.


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100 thoughts on “Free Giveaway of 2 SNOOKI Tanning Lotions (Ended Jan. 26th 12:01 AM)

  1. I don’t have a specific favorite tanning lotion but I love bronzers & tingles.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  2. Really don’t have a favorite, but the name Snooki Ultra Dark sounds like a “WINNER” to me. Can’t wait to try it!!

  3. JWOWW black bronzer is still a top favorite of mine. Smells and feels good and is sure to give a nice bronzed glow.

  4. LOVED the Snooki Maximizer, have yet to try these! But I love Tanforless and all their products are greatly priced and arrive in just a few days 🙂 so glad they’re giving away great lotions.

  5. I love any lotion made by Devoted Creations! I would love to try these 2 lotions to change up a bit… I usually use 2 different lotions and switch back and forth.

  6. I have a tanning bed in my home for personal use, and I am always excited about new products! I would love to try this lotion!

  7. One of my fave lotions is Swedish Beauty Ammaretto, love this smell and color this gives u and the sparkle is so pretty!

  8. I’m pale. I want to start tanning and this would be awesome! It’d really help since I know nothing about tanning lotions

  9. I think it’s great that there are so many fabulous tanning products out there! For someone who lives in a chilly winter climate like me, it’s appreciated!

  10. I love the amazing deals that tanforless has! It makes it a lot easier to indulge on all of these fantastic products… especially all the new 2012 items!!! 🙂

  11. I am so amazed by the service I get from this company. I email a question and Eric himself responds. How great is that. My lotions arrive quickly and safely, they are packaged very well. That has been a concern with other companies. I have not changed since I have found tan for less many years ago….

  12. I have been using a tanner from walmart and i am not too impressed…..i would love to have a good one =)

  13. I would like to find a product that actually looks good when Im done. Would love to try this. I am very light skinned and every tanning lotion I have tried has left me streaky.

  14. Swedish Beauty, Cal Tan and SHO products are my fave! I would love to try the Snooki Lotions, because she is super dark!! When I tan, I find it best to switch it up. Use a regular lotion one day, then go to a tingle, then a bronzer, then a maximizer and just switch it around each week so that u use a different one each day. TanforLess is the best place to buy your lotion online. Low prices and authentic lotion!!! I love them!!

  15. I have used Clinque sunless tanner, but it didn’t work very well. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  16. I don’t tan to often, but being from MN, and going on vacations in the Spring, you can get pretty pale, so I try to tan every once in a while to save myself the embarrassment of looking like a bottle of school glue when I hit the beaches this Spring

  17. Im a definite sunlover, and enjoy products that can enhance. The problem i run into is i reach a tan, not dark, and then cannot go any further, so im always on the prowl for a product that cn deepen my tan. I currently own a tanning bed, but only really use it during the summer! there is more time to do so. Im not opposed to getting a spray tan either! Never had one. I use a bronzer everyday, but in powder form.. basically im up for any tan anyway!!! probably doesnt help that im in the medical field and admitting this out loud!!

  18. I love tanning outside in the natural sunlight. My sisters love going to the tanning booth but its so not for me. I hate the feeling of being closed in a clamshell while I bake my skin in fifteen minute increments, not to mention how man others have lain on that same clamshell before me ick.

  19. I havent used tanning lotions in a long time, I really want to try something this summer so that I can look good when we go on vacation. thanks

  20. i cant wait to get my new Bomb Shell 300XX Ultimate Sizzle it works sooo great gets u dark fast! **<3 LOVE IT ❤ **

  21. I have tried many tanning lotions, I like many but I always seem to go back to spellbound. I think it covers the after tan smell the best.

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