May 2010 Top Sellers

May 2010 TanForLess top sellers
May 2010 top sellers

It’s good to see that many of our best selling products so far this month (May 2010) have been body moisturizers. This is an indication that tanners are aware of the importance of moisturizing often. Moisturizing after tanning bed sessions and between sunless tanning applications is beneficial for the health of your skin and also helps in prolonging the life of your tan… but our sales show that you already new that!  Hooray!!

TanForLess top sellers: (not necessarily in order)

  1. Sinfully Black Tanning Lotion
  2. White2Black Tanning Lotion
  3. Forever After Moisturizer
  4. Accelerator Tanning Lotion
  5. Black 20X Tanning Lotion
  6. Kisses Moisturizer
  7. Luminary Tanning Lotion
  8. Professional Gelee Tanning Lotion
  9. Aloe There Moisturizer
  10. Angel Moisturizer

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