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$5 Off Coupon Contest! – Ended

Well, here goes nothing!  Today is the first day of our new Blog Coupon Contest.  I am so excited!

In honor of the Chicago Bears beating the Dallas Cowboys last night, I have decided to make the first trivia question a Bears related question.

In 1924, the current location of Soldier Field was revealed.  However, the name of the stadium was not originally Soldier Field.  So, what was the original name of this stadium?

The first three correct answers will win a $5 off coupon!

We have our 3 winners and thank you for entering!  Our next trivia contest will be announced on our TanForLess Facebook page on Tuesday of each week.  

Correct answer was Municipal Grant Park Stadium.

Tanforless Blog Contest!!!

We will be starting a Coupon Code Trivia Contest next week on the blog.  The contest will consist of One Trivia Question, posted on Tuesday of every week.  The first three correct answers to the question, will receive a coupon code via email.  The winners will be posted on Friday of every week.  Keep an eye out for next week’s question!  The first coupon code is for $5 off any purchase from!