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Win $10 Coupon – Storm Trivia Has Ended

With October coming to a close, we have all noticed the strange weather that is captivating the United States.  One day it is 70 degrees and sunny and the next day the temperatures are barely reaching 30 degrees and it is windy.  At least, that is the type of weather the Midwest has seen all month long.  After reading an article today in The Huffington Post, I decided that today’s trivia question would involve hurricanes.  I am fascinated by hurricanes and with another tropical storm approaching, not too far away, I thought hurricane trivia would be excellent.

This Trivia contest is for a chance to win a $10 off coupon for any Designer Skin Product!  Only two coupons will be awarded.

So, let’s test your knowledge of the weather!

Out of the 10 deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history, three hit New Orleans.  What are the  names of all three hurricanes and the year each hurricane ravaged New Orleans?


Hints: Check out these articles for your clues



Congratulations to our Winners:  Sheare and Brittany!!

Excellent Job!

Presidential Trivia! Has Ended

In honor of 2012 being an election year, I have decided to question your knowledge of former presidents.  Throughout history, the people of the United States have elected 44 Presidents.  All of these presidents have left their mark on the people of this country.  Whether good or bad, they have served this nation for four years or more at a time.  Most of their families have political ties, or have in fact been politicians. However, there were only two families in history that produced a father and a son that became the President of the United States.

Which two families provided this country with both a father and son that became President of the United States?

Get your thinking caps on!  Ready, Set, and Go!

This trivia contest is for a coupon for FREE GROUND SHIPPING on your next order from Tanforless.com!  Two winners will be selected.

In order to redeem this coupon, the order must be placed online at www.tanforless.com.  Please have your coupon code ready at the time of your order.  This coupon will exclude tanning beds, and tanning bulbs.

Congratulations to Lauren and Heathery!  This weeks winners!!!!

Trivia Contest has Ended!!!!!!

Welcome back!  Hope you all are enjoying the new Tanforless.com!  We have so much more in store, just wait and see.  This is week two of the Trivia Contest, and I hope you are all ready for a trip back in history (not too far but far enough) I am not a history teacher but I am a music fanatic.  Here, at Tanforless, we listen to a variety of music all day, every day!  Here we go!

On this day, October 9, 1983, which song was Number One on the Hot 100 list, title and artist?

This contest is for the prize of a 10% off coupon at Tanforless.com.  Contest will close after three correct answers are given.

Get your thinking caps on!

Congratulations to our winners Nikala, Mandi, and Liz!  Way to go Ladies!

Keep an eye out for next week’s Trivia Contest starting on October 16, 2012.

$5 Off Coupon Contest! – Ended

Well, here goes nothing!  Today is the first day of our new Blog Coupon Contest.  I am so excited!

In honor of the Chicago Bears beating the Dallas Cowboys last night, I have decided to make the first trivia question a Bears related question.

In 1924, the current location of Soldier Field was revealed.  However, the name of the stadium was not originally Soldier Field.  So, what was the original name of this stadium?

The first three correct answers will win a $5 off coupon!

We have our 3 winners and thank you for entering!  Our next trivia contest will be announced on our TanForLess Facebook page on Tuesday of each week.  

Correct answer was Municipal Grant Park Stadium.

NFL Gameday Rituals!

Here at Tanforless.com, there are several Chicago Bears fans in house.  We all come from various backgrounds, and all have very OUTSPOKEN views on our favorite team.  The weekly debates over which player should have been benched, or which referee needed to take a hike, or which player should be picked up in the draft next year are always hot topics at work.  However, we would like to know how our customers celebrate game day.  What is your favorite game day snack?  Do you enjoy all the games of the day, or are you a stickler for only viewing “your” team?

I, personally, am a HUGE Bears fan and I dress the part for every game.  I have my T-shirt, Hoodie, socks and pajama pants on and ready to go!  I enjoy lounging at home for my game days.  I prefer easy to make snacks, such as sandwiches and chips.  I do not have time to be drawn from the game to check the oven!  I will go insane if I miss a second of the game!

I tend to get very involved in the game.  I scream and shout and say many words I should not say, but I enjoy every minute of the game!

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me know your favorite Game-Day Rituals!

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!